Montfort is a leading IFA firm specialising in expert global financial planning. Established in 1995, Montfort pioneered cross-border solutions across pensions, retirement planning, personal finance, investments and tax planning. Montfort stands proud as one of the first UK providers of tailored solutions in response to the technical complexities many individuals face as they emigrate, move around the world or return home.




Montfort continues to look after millions of pounds of investments for its clients with the aim of ensuring the transfer of their wealth with the utmost efficiency and care. Montfort’s combined years of experience and specialist knowledge ensures its team of advisers, certified financial planners, pension transfer specialists, chartered wealth planners, tax agents and paraplanners provide an unrivalled level of service to its clients and affiliated independent advisory firms.

Montfort's technical capabilities and expertise are far reaching across many global jurisdictions; notably Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Europe, South Africa and Asia. With an inimitable understanding of the varying complexities surrounding tax regulation in the UK and overseas, Montfort has a particular knowledge of overseas pension solutions including Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS).

Montfort also services UK-based clients seeking domestic financial plans. The team has a particular expertise in defined benefit pension schemes, inheritance tax, life assurance, critical illness, estate planning and income protection.

Montfort recently launched Montfort Consult as a pioneering corporate sub-division of the Montfort brand and pensions proposition. In a first for the sector, it has been developed to provide support to pension schemes and trustees on the complexities faced by their overseas members.

Working directly with our extensive portfolio of private clients or industry affiliates, Montfort will build and deliver appropriate financial strategies with the aim to help clients achieve their goals and optimum wealth.


Our History


Geraint Davies, founder and managing director of Montfort, started his career as a financial adviser in 1982 whilst living in Perth, Western Australia, specialising in Australian financial recommendations for UK emigrants.

In 1995 and once Geraint returned to live in the UK, Montfort International Limited was formed. As the first UK-based, independent financial advisory firm to specifically provide essential financial planning to migrants, Montfort further established the very first UK-to-Australia pension transfer solution. A bespoke product developed for those moving, or had moved, to Australia from the UK.

In May 2002, Montfort was requested by the Australian Senate for its views on UK pension transfers to Australia. A few years later and in March 2006, Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) called for Geraint Davies’ technical expertise and input as they first developed Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS).

Over the years, Montfort has developed a regard as the leaders in this niche, cross-border financial planning sector. With a highly experienced team and network, Montfort continues to work alongside trusted associates across the globe further specialised in providing tailored advice and knowledge for migrants from the UK and to provide a smooth transition in their new country of residence or as they simply begin their retirement years in the UK or overseas.