Montfort Consult

Montfort Consult is a pioneering corporate division of the Montfort brand and pensions proposition.

In a first for the sector, it has been developed to provide support to pension schemes and trustees on the complexities faced by their overseas members.

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The Concern

As experts in global financial planning and cross-border solutions, Montfort Consult recognises an ever-increasing global mobility as more and more people choose to spend part or most of their working life in different jurisdictions. Such individuals may already be living outside the UK (as non-domiciled residents), or they may be planning to emigrate in retirement or even to return to the UK.

This small but significant population may find themselves vulnerable as companies and scheme trustees overlook their responsibility to ensure sufficient support or advice surrounding incentivised pension transfers or benefit modification exercises for their overseas members.

With circumstances often deemed too complex, companies and scheme trustees commonly exclude such members from their transfer offers or recommend that members seek self-funded advice in their current jurisdiction. This is despite an obligation under the UK’s Department of Work and Pensions’ Code of Good Practice to provide equal and fair support.

Better Outcomes

Montfort Consult has been developed to fill this gap in the pensions landscape.

Working with companies, trustees, actuaries, CFOs and corporate sponsors, Montfort Consult will supply specialist knowledge and expert advice to deliver reassurance, accountability and better outcomes for overseas transfers.

The Team

As a recently established division of the Montfort proposition, Montfort Consult is headed up by Montfort's expert directors and pension transfer specialists.

Established in 1995, the Montfort team has more than 100 years’ combined experience in this niche sector of global financial planning, supported by financial advisers, pension transfer specialists and chartered paraplanners to provide the best possible cross-border solutions for its clients.

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