Guildford Revealed As The UK's Most In-Need Area For Inheritance Tax Advice 30 Oct 2018

Kent may be famously known as the garden of England while Manchester has traditionally claimed the title of the UK’s industrial capital. Last week, our very own Guildford joined such ranks to be crowned the UK’s Inheritance Tax (IHT) capital highlighting the area’s urgent demand for expert planning and recommendations around this ever-complex area of taxation. Montfort's Alex Norwood and Rob Gow further discuss...  ..
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Montfort's Geraint Davies Honoured In Prestigious IA 100 25 Oct 2018

It’s been a very busy time of late. Montfort’s expert team of staff have been winning awards here, scoring accolades there and even receiving the odd Personal Finance Society (PFS) Fellowship, too. ..
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Meet Calgary. Canada's Latest Underdog 17 Oct 2018

For many expatriates, the allure of a new life overseas is primarily defined by an opportunity to grasp unique adventures, embrace new communities and seek pursuits, all for a better life. Canada has long answered this with it especially favoured by UK expatriates looking to relocate internationally.
With its jaw-dropping landscapes, affinity with the outdoors and unassuming yet cosmopolitan cities, it certainly packs a punch. Toronto and Montreal have of course been traditional favourites, however, in recent years bustling, hip and trendy Vancouver has been the buzz word, until now…

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