Become A Paraplanner At Montfort 11 Apr 2018

Montfort is seeking an exceptional individual to join its rapidly expanding team of experienced paraplanners and advisors. 

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Happy Birthday Pension Freedoms - Where Are We Now? 06 Apr 2018

Today marks the three-year anniversary of pension freedoms. As one of the UK government’s biggest changes to people’s private pension provision, the initiative was introduced in 2015 by then-Chancellor George Osborne to offer individuals greater financial flexibility. As a box undoubtedly ticked, pension freedoms also delivered inevitable complexities whereby the industry was left very little time to prepare or for regulators to establish associated rules and legislation.  Montfort delves more... ..

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Montfort Contributes To DWP Consultation Result Into Overseas Pension Transfers 03 Apr 2018

Huge elation was felt by Montfort last week as the U.K.’s Department of Work and Pensions announced overseas pension transfers will maintain the mandatory advice requirement for overseas pension transfers following a government consultation notably incorporating opinion from Montfort’s head of financial planning, Eugen Neagu. ..

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