For many expatriates, the allure of a new life overseas is primarily defined by an opportunity to grasp unique adventures, embrace new communities and seek pursuits, all for a better life. Canada has long answered this with it especially favoured by UK expatriates looking to relocate internationally.
With its jaw-dropping landscapes, affinity with the outdoors and unassuming yet cosmopolitan cities, it certainly packs a punch. Toronto and Montreal have of course been traditional favourites, however, in recent years bustling, hip and trendy Vancouver has been the buzz word, until now…

Calgary is now stealing the limelight with it recently, and oh-so happily, pipping Vancouver in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) global liveability score, as reported in The Economist. The annual index surveys 140 cities in total, incorporating in-depth analyses and both subjective and objective measures across culture, health care, environment, infrastructure, education and stability.

The results follow Vancouver sitting comfortably for many years within the EIU’s top-three ranking, winning four years in a row from 2007, repeatedly fending off global heavyweights such as Melbourne and Vienna. This year, however, its urban pride was undoubtedly dented as it was granted sixth place, scoring 97.3 points out of 100. Condolences Vancouver.

As Canada’s surprise little number, Calgary is great for many-a-reason. First, it’s an adventurer’s playground and one of a few places someone can go biking, hiking, paragliding, skiing and rafting, all in the same day, while still make your downtown dinner reservation in time. As a beautiful myriad of surprises, don’t be fooled by what may seem like an endless expanse of prairie landscapes as you peer out of the plane window.  

Banff National Park (part of the Rocky Mountains) is only a little more than one hour away by car, offering some of the world’s most-magnificent landscapes and life-changing scenery. With log-hewn cottages and quintessential towns, it’s the ultimate weekender for locals and newbie expatriates seeking to explore; no matter your age or action capabilities.

Thankfully, Calgary’s pleasing weather offers a serving of nature’s seasonal best, whether it be warming temperatures in the summer, crisp snow come winter or crimson autumnal climes.
When not exploring the great outdoors, Calgary inner-city limits steeped can be enjoyed. Often praised for its sensation of walkable neighbourhoods, it further offers a range of culinary delights and tantalising culture bites. A city famed for its vitality and spirit, Calgary welcomes the youth just as much as families or those seeking the very best retirement.


Cindy Ady, CEO of Tourism Calgary, comments, "I do think Calgary has that vibe in it. It’s a city that has been emerging and changing. Its restaurant and cultural scenes are really growing and coming to life."

The poster place of considered suburban sprawl, Calgary has delivered optimum living choices for those in want of the outdoors, all the while in close proximity to a city centre. Its residential growth can be aligned with Calgary’s economic advancements, largely attributable to primary resources including conventional energy extraction and oil, accounting for nearly one third of Calgary’s GDP.
Stability, however, was the game changer for Calgary stealing Vancouver’s crown. Despite a hugely successful model of urban planning, many have felt the onset of Vancouver’s eco density reaching its peak all too soon.

With it certainly an interesting time for Calgary, it’s definitely one to keep an eye on as you consider a new life overseas with the potential and opportunities in this Alberta city set to grow.

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