Montfort is thrilled to announce the launch of Montfort Consult as a pioneering corporate division of the Montfort brand and pensions proposition.

In a first for the sector, it has been developed to provide support to pension schemes and trustees on the complexities faced by their "overseas-overlooked" members, with more and more people choosing to spend part or most of their working life in different jurisdictions. Such individuals may already be living outside the UK (as non-domiciled residents), or they may be planning to emigrate in retirement or even to return to the UK.

This small but significant population may find themselves vulnerable as companies and scheme trustees overlook their responsibility to ensure sufficient support or advice surrounding incentivised pension transfers or benefit modification exercises for their overseas members.

With circumstances often deemed too complex, companies and scheme trustees commonly exclude such members from their transfer offers or recommend that members seek self-funded advice in their current jurisdiction. This is despite an obligation under the UK’s Department of Work and Pensions’ Code of Good Practice to provide equal and fair support.

Montfort Consult has been developed to fill this gap in the pensions landscape. Working with companies, trustees, actuaries, CFOs and corporate sponsors, Montfort Consult will supply specialist knowledge and expert advice to deliver reassurance, accountability and better outcomes for overseas transfers.

Forming a new division of advisory firm Montfort, Montfort Consult is headed up by leading pensions consultant Jonathon Webb, who states:

"Over my career, I have been involved in over 130 ‘member choice’ projects whereby companies sponsor enhanced transfer values to members in the hope they will transfer benefits out of the scheme and subsequently reduce the ongoing liability. These projects have been met with varying degrees of success depending upon the communications issued, the strength of the offer and the members’ individual needs.

During the delivery of these projects, there would always be a few, but often a significant few, classed as ‘overseas' members. These ‘overseas members’ circumstances would commonly differ in that they may have either repatriated or emigrated, however would consistently forego their defined benefit pension scheme entitlement in the UK.

The fact remains that many UK-based advisors do not hold the relevant passports or necessary knowledge and experience to legitimately deal with such members. As a result, these members have been long identified as being ‘overseas’, deemed too difficult to advise and thus excluded from benefits. Or, they are included but left to fend for themselves and source suitable advice in their new jurisdiction

It is therefore the Montfort Consult mission to raise the needs of this overlooked population with all parties, including pension managers, finance directors, pension scheme trustees, managing directors, consultants and regulator."

Montfort Consult is already engaged with a number of global, high-profile firms and schemes to consult and improve their approach to overseas members.

To find out more about the services Montfort Consult can offer, please visit Likewise, email Jonathon Webb direct on, or call the Montfort office on +44 (0) 1483 202072

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