With the year coming to a close and Christmas spirit still abound, individuals and companies commonly use this time to reflect on the year been and express their gratitude. As one of our most-successful years yet, Montfort plans to do just that...

Commencing the year with a team of 12 that has now increased to 15 with additional members starting in the new year, Montfort’s expansion is undoubtedly impressive and particularly so for a small, family-run IFA firm. Backed by excellent performance, results and client solutions, the year of 2017 has been as exciting as ever with the financial planning sector continually fascinating.

It goes without saying how thankful we are to our clients, referrals, introducers and other who supported us over this magnificent year. We are beyond excited for 2018 which is already set to be exceptional with some very interesting developments in store. We’re therefore taking the time to reflect back on the year to deliver some of the most-exciting events so far via a four-part feature starting with January, February and March to be updated daily up until the new year. Enjoy!

Following the Christmas break, the Montfort team reassembled with Geraint Davies and Glenys Davies continuing to direct the firm, Eugen Neagu as head of financial planning and Alex Norwood and Tom Reed forming Montfort’s advisory teams. Our paraplanners Andrew Osborne and Rob Gow kept our paraplanning strong, in addition to our indispensable Diane Barrett as Montfort’s office manager and associate director. Jeff Bowman represented our tax advisory service as Montfort’s long-established tax agent.

The year was further kickstarted by a sensation of media articles including Geraint Davies’ feature in Australia & New Zealand magazine discussing the importance of financial planning ahead of making the big move down under.

Winter continued at full force with Montfort showing equal strength as the leading voice in global financial planning and cross-border regulation, featuring in an array of publications and participating in industry events.

MARCH 2017
As the UK continued to attend to the developments of a Brexit deal, Phillip Hammond also delivered his first Budget as Chancellor. Montfort observed all announcements notably (those transfers) on QROPS whereby transfer requests made on or after 09 March 2017 faced the potential of tax changes of up to 25% on the amount transferred, in addition to a reduction in the Money Purchase Annual Allowance (MPAA), a new Lifetime ISA allowance, a lowering to the tax-free dividend allowance, a reduction to corporate tax and increase to personal allowance and income tax. Read Montfort’s key takeaways here.

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Congratulations were also in full abound as Montfort's paraplanners Rob Gow & Andy Osborne passed two key exams with Rob succeeding his R01 (Financial Services Regulations & Ethics) exam and Andy passing the RO5 (Financial Protection) exam. Well done Rob and Andy!

Montfort’s chartered financial planner Neil Clarke took the role of cover star as he graced the cover of  Professional Paraplanner s March edition commenting on how the complexities of helping Montfort’s clients move their finances overseas makes this job the most satisfying of his career.

APRIL 2017
The month that saw another star turn taken but this time by Montfort managing director Geraint Davies as he attended the Waverton Offshore Pensions Seminar in London. Geraint was a guest speaker to discuss offshore pensions to address the changes in legislation and resulting difficulties while also approached whether the industry was fairly treating customers who left or entered the UK. 

MAY 2017
Montfort started to heat up in May, just as the anticipatory summer temperatures, with Montfort featuring in a number of publications and providing statements on a wide range of topics, notably Eugen Neagu discussing his previous career in the Romanian army as a rocket scientist and whether it is also prevalent within international wealth management commenting, “International wealth management… it’s not exactly rocket science… well, actually…it is pretty close.” The full article can be read here.

Montfort also stressed the importance of trusting your financial advisor especially when making the big step to emigrate. Published on Montfort's News pages, read the full story here.

JUNE 2017
This month saw Eugen Neagu’s attendance at The Great Pension Transfer Debate to discuss pension transfers with chartered financial planner Alistair Cunningham that was attended by some of the industry’s leading figures and influencers. The month also sadly saw one of Montfort’s stars and advisors Tom Reed leave the firm after five years for ventures new.

JULY 2017
The month that welcomed Rosie Newman as Montfort’s administrator. The newly created role ensures Rosie engagement in many areas of the business, predominately supporting the paraplanner and advisor teams.

July also saw Montfort's existing team of advisors develop, “a comprehensive guide to keeping financial advisors on their toes”, as in their own words. As a downloadable booklet, the Montfort publication was aimed at those seeking financial investment advice or that may be considering transferring pensions overseas. The document further highlighted important points and questions individuals should ensure addressed during financial meetings and especially for those migrating overseas. To read the document, simply subscribe to Montfort here.

With awards season in full swing, Montfort were also announced as major finalists within the International Investment awards! 

As summer continued, Montfort’s spotlight was on the firm’s director Glenys Davies as she revealed Montfort’s team philosophy. "Montfort has an exceptional and unique ethos with a genuine passion and commitment to enhancing and supporting its employees’ career progression", commented Glenys Davies. Read the article in full here.

Montfort's managing director Geraint Davies also spoke with International Investment to discuss that month's ROPS report list revealing QROPS still as an area of concern despite additional overseas schemes being added to HMRC's list. Read the article in full here.

September made way for the annual Pensions Awareness Day as the initiative took the road as part of their campaign to raise awareness of pensions to the nation and ensure individuals do not find themselves in pensions poverty. Montfort joined the cause by contributing to #PAD17 to deliver a pensions tip each day in the run up.


A month that saw further staff additions including Chris Slater-Jones, who as a level-four qualified advisor, recently returned to the UK bringing with him a wealth of financial expertise from his homeland of South Africa.

Montfort also further strengthened its focus to Canada by attendance to a Canada-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce event, notably catching up with Canadian High Commissioner Janis Charente to discuss pension transfer issues.

Montfort’s managing director Geraint Davies traversed to Cyprus to attend the International Funds Summit. Marking its third year, the event presented an environment for industry professionals, delegates and thought leaders to evaluate the changing and competitive landscape of the asset management sector. Read more about the event here.

November saw a further staff addition by way of Jonathon Webb to join Montfort as a consultant to develop Montfort’s wider pensions and business development strategy.

And, of course, as one of the biggest events in the economy calendar, Phillip Hammond delivered his second Budget of 2017 by form of the Autumn Budget as undoubtedly one for the millennial and younger UK population. Montfort did however eye a few hidden announcements which can be read here.

For Montfort, the biggest controversy was undoubtedly the British Steel Pension Scheme saga whereby the ill advice and wrongdoings of a selection of financial advisors targeting innocent steelworkers faced with the decision to remain in the BSPS or transfer out to the New BSPS or a fresh scheme, with all this just taste of things to come…

Image courtesy of CityAM

… And so, December, where the British Steel Pension Scheme saga continued and more revelations came to light. From front-page headlines and national television coverage, the story quite literally gripped the nation and sent shockwaves through the finance and pensions sector. Montfort travelled to Port Talbot in Wales upon more than one occasion and formed part of the CHIVE initiative. Montfort further created a formal guide written specifically for financial planners advising on the pension scheme ahead of the 22 December transfer-decider deadline and further into 2018. Read Montfort’s insider commentary and download the guide here.

For Theresa May her month of December was just as frenetic as the rest of the year as she agreed a Brexit deal in the final hours signalling an opportune time for some to cash in on foreign currency markets; read our comments here.

Congratulations must go out to Montfort advisor Alex Norwood who achieved his Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning units as a regulated pensions specialist. Montfort paraplanner Rob Gow also passed his R04 exam with flying colours.

Montfort undoubtedly ended the pre-Christmas term on a high as one of its most successful years yet, hitting all targets and objectives, toasted off perfectly at the Montfort Christmas party in Guildford. Thanks again everyone for a wonderful year! 


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