Happy Thanksgiving and what better time to celebrate Montfort's US-Anglo services than today.
World renowned for our technical excellence and knowledge of various ever-changing international jurisdictions, Montfort’s expertise crosses continents, oceans and expanses, regardless of the complexities.
Without exception is the US-Anglo path as one of the most-challenging conditions an expatriate or non-domiciled individual may face as they encounter retirement planning, pensions, overseas property settlements and even divorce.

For any financial planner advising on US clients, whether they be US or UK-based or even further afield, there are a number of things to consider which are often unbeknown without experience of advising within the cross-border space and the technical knowledge on UK, US and other international jurisdictions.

The throes of the IRS, FATCA, Américains Accidentels, fidicuary rules and the diminishing QROPS/ROPS options for overseas pension transfers have delivered exceptionally unchartered waters.

Working with an unrivalled network of SEC-regulated certified financial planners throughout the US, Montfort will develop financial plans in line with US laws and regulations to achieve a client’s financial objectives. Montfort will also facilitate clients to allow them to take advantage of new opportunities in the US, UK and even further afield; now and in future years.

A holistic advice approach incorporating US-Anglo financial planning, tax efficiency and investment strategy has never been more of a necessity.

Montfort's US-Anglo Financial Planning Service brief document can be downloaded here.

To further discuss your US-Anglo financial planning requirements, contact Montfort via +44 (0)1483 202072 or email
info@montfort-intl.com; montfort-intl.com

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