Montfort is thrilled to announce a key milestone for its team of expert financial planners. Former rocket scientist and Montfort head of financial planning, Eugen Neagu, has been awarded a Fellowship by the Personal Finance Society (PFS). As the CII’s premier professional title and highest qualification by the PFS, Eugen’s monumental achievement was formalised by his passing of the J10 examination for Discretionary Investment Management.

As one of Montfort's key members of staff, Eugen's achievement illustrates Montfort’s leading technical expertise and global position within the financial services industry. Undoubtedly impressive, Fellowship has only been attained by a handful of advisers practising in the UK. Of the approximately 30,000 members of the PFS, less than 2,900 members hold this advanced-level accreditation.

Statistics for fellows that also boast ‘rocket scientist’ to their resume is unknown, however, taking a guess we'd say they're very slim - possibly even a first for the PFS!


Before his arrival to the UK in 2005, Eugen held a captaincy position in the Romanian army, leading a team of rocket engineers. Eugen also studied trajectories for ballistic and anti-aircraft rockets hence his nickname within the industry as "the rocket scientist". Used by many and often further applied to his unrivalled knowledge of pensions, taxation, regulations and codes.
As one of the primary award bodies within the UK's financial services sector, the CII is globally renowned for its arduous assessments to grant industry professionals with a genuine differentiation to their counterparts. Fellowship of the CII further affirms a practitioner’s commitment to professional self-improvement and development. It is deemed accessible only to those who may demonstrate their technical ability, and acquisition of knowledge and skills to the highest degree.

In addition to his PFS Fellowship, Eugen is also a Chartered Financial Planner and Certified Financial Planner. The talents don't stop there with Eugen also holding Chartered Wealth Manager status and full CISI membership. Eugen further holds all qualifications affiliated with the CII’s Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning.

“I’m absolutely thrilled while hugely honoured to be a fellow of the PFS”, Eugen comments. “This has been my ultimate professional goal for many, many years. I believe my passion for ethics, technical expertise and development has allowed me to reach this huge milestone. They remain my biggest priority to ensure I, with my team, are giving the best advice possible to Montfort’s client base.

“This milestone will not signal the end of my studies or dedication. I have already commenced a new 'journey' to receive financial advisor accreditation from Resolution - an important step in becoming a specialist in helping people with their financial planning, particularly when going through divorce”, further comments Eugen.

"As global financial planners and in a world of ever-changing regulations and rules, it is paramount our international and UK-based clients and industry affiliates are confident in Montfort’s capabilities to provide technical solutions with the most-complex financial planning, pensions and investment cases.”

Eugen’s achievement will be officiated at a future PFS’ graduate ceremony in London, held at the Great Hall of the Worshipful Company of Insurers, also home to the CII and the PFS
Congratulations Eugen!

As Montfort's head of financial planning and now PFS Fellow, Eugen can be contacted direct to discuss you or your client's requirements on;

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