Montfort International Client Testimonials

People rely on us to provide up-to-date advice on migrating finances overseas.

As an established provider of independent financial planning, we aim to provide the best possible service but don’t take our word for it, here’s just some of the feedback from our clients over the years.

  • I want to say a very big thank you to you. I doubt very much you will remember me but you have often been in my thoughts over the past 22 years.
    In the late 1980s, perhaps early 1990s my husband Luke and I were living in Perth, WA. I clearly remember sitting in our lounge room with you, discussing life insurance, income protection and superannuation.
    My clearest memory of that meeting was you saying to Luke, regarding income protection and terminal illness cover, "Let's pray you never have to use." As you have probably guessed by now, we did have to make a claim as Luke was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer in 1997, which after surgery and chemotherapy, came back in November 2001. He passed away on 28 June 2002, just a month or so shy of his 42nd birthday.
    The initial diagnosis in 1997 met the criteria which allowed us to make a terminal illness claim. This enabled us to renovate and extend our home to be what we had always hoped for and brought us great happiness. This was part of the policy you advised for us. Luke remained quite well for the next four years. Sadly though, the cancer returned in 2001 as secondaries and he became permanently disabled and was unable to return to work. At this time, we were able to make a claim and be supported by the income protection policy you had advised for us.
    I have often thought, although we were devastated/distraught, how much more difficult things would have been for us if we had not had the financial security provided through the policies you advised for us. They enabled me to remain at home and care for Luke fulltime which was a gift and, as a result of the funds from his life insurance policy, to take my time returning to work to support our girls. Please know your care and advice made an enormous difference to our family. We were always so impressed by your sincerity, intelligence and sensitivity.
    I am, and always will, be very grateful.

    CP Australia - February 2024

  • Found all the staff professional but friendly. Geraint and Danielle ensured they understood my needs and provided the necessary solution. Danielle taking overall responsibility, keeping me informed during and after the whole process.
    Being an ex IFA (Independent Financial Advisor) I fully appreciate their professionalism and their integrity. Therefore I would have no problem in recommending their services to anyone.
    Best wishes for the future.

    DM SW France - March 2024

  • Thanks for the interesting article (wow) and also the review findings. I will be eternally grateful that your firm was able to reassign my BS pension allowing me to bridge comfortably until my US social security kicked in - thank you!
    Merry Christmas to you as well.

    IH USA - November 2023

  • One of the few people who made the emigration process smooth and more enjoyable for sure was Geraint Davies of Montfort,
    I am so pleased that he and his team will be able to also return me to UK safely. I would recommend Montfort to anybody.

    KS Western Australia - August 2023

  • Would 100% recommend to anyone needing advice in your area of expertise.

    Charlie, Paraplanner UK - November 2023

  • We would like to thank you for your recent advice on UK aged pension options and also for the considerable assistance that you and the staff at Montfort provided when we migrated to Australia in 2002.
    Transferring our superannuation from UK schemes to Australian superannuation funds soon after we migrated was an extremely good move, not least because of the very good exchange rate at that time. We were linked with a great Australian financial advisor and the education and advice we received from Montfort meant that we were well informed about the risks and benefits of each option available.
    The education program was comprehensive and addressed both UK and Australian considerations and the interaction between the two very different systems. This helped us to make good decisions about our finances with the benefits now becoming increasingly apparent as we approach retirement.

    AP Australia - October 2023

  • Thanks once again to all your team, time and efforts. Hence to say Montfort are the best. Many thanks Peter

    PA Greece - September 2023

  • I was experiencing significant challenges and delays in finalising the transfer of a pension from a UK pension company to a deceased estate which I was the administrator of.
    After finding Geraint on a Facebook forum, I reached out to him via email with some of the details. Despite me being located in Australia and Geraint being in London, we met via Zoom the same day! Geraint and Danielle provided me with some fantastic tips and suggestions to help progress the matter and I’m thrilled to report it’s been finalised – as has the distribution of the estate!
    Thanks Geraint and Danielle!

    EC Australia - September 2023

  • Many congratulations on achieving this vital clarification of the Moneyhelper publication! It doesn't directly affect me, in that I don't have any DC pensions but good to know you are on the ball with all this stuff. Your message needs to be spread far and wide because consumers would expect that Moneyhelper would have known about this when they first published and should have advised consumers accordingly years ago.

    TN Australia - August 2023

  • I was hitting brick wall after brick wall in trying to deal with my UK pension pot and setup what I wanted for my future, because I am not a UK resident. This was until I came across Geraint, Chris and the team from Montfort, who have the necessary skills and knowledge about the tax and pension differences between the UK and Australia. They considered my situation and needs, and then suggested and put into place a plan to meet my future needs. Very grateful for their service. Robert.

    RD Australia - August 2023

  • Thank-you Geraint for the project you are currently engaged on for us.
    We were having difficulty before we employed your services dealing with the Canadian bank and financial institutions and would have run into even more problems if it were not for your intervention.
    Light is at the end of the tunnel.
    It just goes to show that those people who are leaving one country and moving to another, need to plan well in advance, because you do need to sort matters out with financial institutions not after you have left but well before you depart.
    In our situation we were even looking at having to leave the UK and return to Canada to get matters sorted then return to the UK. Who would have thought? Perhaps others who read these words will heed my advice and start the financial sorting before departure in conjunction with a specialist in the country of departure liaising with a specialist in the country of arrival. This is clearly an extremely complex subject and expertise is very much called for!

    HM Scotland - September 2022

  • As a long-time resident (and tax payer) of Spain with a complex portfolio of pension arrangements in the UK, I was surprised to discover how extremely difficult it was to find a professional pension adviser that was both qualified and competent to provide pension advice to someone in my position.

    The service provided to me by Montfort has proven to be very thorough and detailed, ultimately leading to an optimal outcome after detailed consideration of a variety of possible courses of action.

    I am very satisfied with the service provided by Montfort, and would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone else who finds themselves in a similar position

    KR Spain - August 2022

  • I still appreciate the time and help you gave us prior to our move to Australia, some 10 years on.

    VB Australia - July 2022

  • Wow, wow, wow, your FISIC concept is so simple, in fact it’s so simple why has nobody advised of having these FISI Checkpoints before? You have seen something that I can’t believe my previous adviser didn’t pick up on. He advised me as if I was a UK resident with no overseas factors (as I was at the time non-UK resident). It was a walk in the park advice, when it clearly isn’t and wasn’t anything of the sort!
    No wonder people like myself make mistakes. And your VA-STING sums up how much those who have any overseas connections need to take specialist advice. I would reckon probably 35% of the Brits are FISICs – I am definitely going to tell my friends about your service – it's unique and very special and very important.
    It's time everybody knew whether they were or were not a FISIC and what VA-STINGs might suffer

    SF UK - June 2022

  • Congratulations on the pioneering work you have done to develop the FISIC (Financially Impacted by Some International Checkpoints) – I only wish I had known about it earlier And the VA-STING (Vulnerable and Susceptible to an International Nowledge Gap) is another principle that has rung home. If I had only known about these so simple concepts five years ago then I doubt whether I would have been scammed.
    Montfort, you have opened my eyes to financial planning and why its not about just buying a product. I am eagerly looking forward to building my holistic financial independence plan with my FISIC issues factored and my exposure protected from VA-STING going forward. Thanks for all the work you have done for me – looking forward to the next step.

    PS I wish my pension scheme had been required to alert me to my FISIC status (they knew about it) – but perhaps then I wouldn’t have been ripped off and our paths would not have crossed!

    AR Poland - June 2022

  • Before leaving the UK for New Zealand I consulted Montfort International and their knowledge of NZ Tax Laws saved me a great deal of money, for which I was very grateful. In October 2021 I was faced with a dilemma concerning Life Insurance; after Geraint Davies proposed the way forward, Damon George used his knowledge, expertise, a great deal of patience and good humour to bring it to its conclusion. I was kept up to date throughout, knowing I could contact them at any stage, as the process proved to be difficult and protracted thanks to Covid-19. I thoroughly recommend Montfort International to all investors.

    SB New Zealand - April 2022

  • I have been dealing with Montfort for several years now. I have been impressed by their professionalism and friendly personal service in handling my investments. This entailed having to have a financial adviser who was able to deal with both South Africa and the UK.

    SC South Africa - January 2022

  • Hi all at Montfort, you helped us with our emigration journey to New Zealand in 2008 and now all our pensions have been transferred, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for all your help over the years.

    Liz and Mick New Zealand - March 2022

  • Hello Geraint, your three pennyworth are always appreciated and would be foolish to ignore. As we say in Yorkshire, 'let's crack on then'. Your colleagues, Shaun, Damon and Danielle, who have been involved by the way, are a real credit to you and Montfort.

    MB Turkey - March 2022

  • We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Montfort International, especially Shaun and Damon for their dedication and hard work.
    As we now live outside the UK, they successfully worked through some very difficult and at times annoying obstacles when helping us with our UK pensions. Their sense of responsibility, reliability and dedication to our case has immensely helped in contributing to our now financial stability. Their positive approach and commitment towards work are well and truly appreciated.
    We have no hesitation in recommending Montfort to anybody wanting professional financial advisers. We would recommend Montfort in a heartbeat.

    P & L UK - January 2022

  • Very pleased with the growth of my fund since Montfort took it over.

    KB UK - December 2021

  • Carole and Geraint took the time to fully understand my retirement needs and then provided me with several options and recommendations regarding my pension transfer, to ensure all my financial requirements were met. Their ongoing communication and quality of service was truly excellent and at a level rarely seen or experienced these days in the finance industry.

    KK Canada - October 2020

  • Thanks to Montfort, I now have a clear understanding of how to realise both my near and long-term financial objectives

    UK CLIENT UK - November 2018

  • Thank you Montfort for your very professional help and advice over the last three years. We're now settled in Skipton; both personally and financially.

    Mr C. Haynes UK - July 2017

  • I was very pleased with the professionalism Montfort demonstrated throughout the process. I felt that I had someone on my side who truly cared about my situation and was looking out for my best interests, while keeping in line with the ever evolving regulatory requirements.

    Ms C. Chartier USA - March 2017

  • I can’t thank Montfort enough for the trouble they took with my case. Another financial advisory firm completely locked me in, and as a result, I will have to go through the options carefully to decide what best to do for my future.

    Your kindness is very much appreciated. Many thanks again.

    Ms H. Hardie UK - January 2017

  • Montfort were incredibly helpful during our move to Spain. The team took the time to explain everything to ensure we could act quickly on their advice. I was really impressed with the end report which gave us clear guidelines on managing our pensions, income, residency and setting up bank accounts, everything! We would not hesitate to recommend Montfort again

    Ms S. Stienen-Durand Spain - October 2016

  • Just a note to say we passed the four-year landmark for my mother-in-law recently and her Parent Retirement visa. She has now been given a permanent residence visa with all conditions removed and is free to live and 'work' in New Zealand. You have continued to provide a very real and personal service which has been a great support to our family since we migrated.

    Mr D. Thompson New Zealand - June 2015

  • Thanks for your quick response and looking after me; your service is truly great. I would use the services of Montfort International again in the future should the opportunity arise.

    Mr S. Tsang Australia - February 2011

There are shark-infested seas out there for the unwary and Montfort have a proven track record negotiating these difficult waters. I can recommend this firm wholeheartedly to anyone interested in emigrating. We will remain forever grateful to Geraint and his team

Mr N.Down USA - 2016

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I was experiencing significant challenges and delays in finalising the transfer of a pension from Scottish Widows to a deceased estate which I was the administrator of. After finding Geraint on a Facebook forum, I reached out to him via email with some of the details. Despite me being located in Australia and Geraint being in London, we met via Zoom the same day! Geraint and Danielle provided me with some fantastic tips and suggestions to help progress the matter and I’m thrilled to report it’s been finalised – as has the distribution of the estate!
Thanks Geraint and Danielle!

EC Australia - September 2023

Thanks once again to all your team, time and efforts. Hence to say Montfort are the best. Many thanks Peter

PA Greece - September 2023