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Montfort Consult has been developed to provide support to pension schemes and trustees on the complexities faced by their overseas members. We recognise an ever-increasing global mobility as more and more people choose to spend part or most of their working life in different jurisdictions. Such individuals may already be living outside the UK (as non-domiciled residents), or they may be planning to emigrate in retirement or even to return to the UK. For scheme trustees, this small but significant population may require specialist advice beyond that offered by the scheme. If you have members living overseas we can help provide specialist financial advice.



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The corporate division of the Montfort brand and pensions proposition has been developed to fill this gap in the pensions landscape.

Working with companies, trustees, actuaries, CFOs and corporate sponsors, Montfort Consult supplies specialist knowledge and advice.



Montfort's support and guidance over the years has been indispensable. Their knowledge and expertise in negotiating the intricacies of international tax management has helped us look after our global team of employees. Highly recommended.

Mr C. Spratt Global Products Inc.

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