Winter wishes for a retirement abroad

As the winter months roll in, many of us dream of retiring to warmer climes. Whether you have your heart set on a destination, or are mulling over different locations, it is well worth considering seeking trusted financial advice to ensure your pensions are in safe hands.

Geraint Davies, Managing Director of Montfort said: “While planning a new life abroad in retirement is exciting, it is essential that you migrate your investments and pensions with the support of an experienced team of financial advisers. At Montfort we know that without expert planning you could suffer a UK 55% tax charge on unauthorised payments or be liable to pay high rates of tax in other countries.”

Now the weather has turned cold in the UK, we thought this would be the ideal time to share some information about some of the most popular retirement destinations for British expatriates:
New Zealand attracts expatriates, with its spectacular natural beauty and outdoor lifestyle. It was ranked second overall in an HSBC global expat explorer study for 2018, coming in just behind Singapore on the list of best destinations to live. It was rated so highly for the quality of life it offers, healthcare, work-life balance, safety, tolerance and much more.

Australia is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for British expatriates, known for its natural landscapes and exciting urban cities. For those who enjoy the great outdoors, Australia offers so much to explore and there are plenty of outdoor pursuits. It also embraces multiculturalism through cuisine and traditions.

Malta is a real draw for expatriates with its Mediterranean climate and favourable tax rates. There is so much variety within its small archipelago. It boasts a top-ranked healthcare system, and an English-speaking population. It is also home to some of the world’s best diving.

Portugal has hundreds of miles of coastline which can be enjoyed thanks to its mild weather in many regions. Here the people are friendly, and many choose to have relaxed lifestyle. Portugal offers culture, history and a slightly slower pace of life than the UK.

Spain is a historic country with a wealth of great towns, cities and coastal locations. In a recent report from Spain topped the list of best European countries for retirees. The research was based on crime rates, cost of living, life expectancy, property prices and population age – but not weather, which is one of the main reasons that many UK expatriates relocate to Spain.
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Montfort were incredibly helpful during our move to Spain. The team took the time to explain everything to ensure we could act quickly on their advice. I was really impressed with the end report which gave us clear guidelines on managing our pensions, income, residency and setting up bank accounts, everything! We would not hesitate to recommend Montfort again.

Ms S. Stienen-Durand Spain - 2016

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